SPORTS INVESTORS GROUP is a private consulting firm specializing in sports market investments.  

We provide our members with sports market selections, bankroll management solutions, personal account management, priority notifications, live market updates, and 24/7 support. 


Our market information is backed by next generation research and analysis. Data analytics, statistics, probability and odds, algorithm, and information technology are all part of our unique, state-of-the-art, TRAX Sports Model.  

Our knowledge of market trends and the utilization of today's technology is what sets S.I.G. apart. Once a member, you can immediately begin to use our information towards your personal investment goals.


What can SPORTS INVESTORS GROUP do for me?

SPORTS INVESTORS GROUP can get you ahead of the game with our exclusive information.

S.I.G. and the TRAX Sports Model will provide straight-forward sports selections you can apply towards your personal investment goals.

How will I receive my information as a member of SPORTS INVESTORS GROUP?

All members will receive information and sports selections via text to your mobile phone. 

How many market selections are sent out per day?

The number of selections we provide per day (Typically between 2-5) can fluctuate as seasons and markets change. If there is no value in the market we may choose nil.

What sports do you offer information for?

NFL (National Football League)

NBA (National Basketball Association)

MLB (Major League Baseball)

NHL (National Hockey League)

NCAA (National Collegiate Athletics Association)

Soccer (Futbol)

Tennis (ATP)

Golf (PGA)


and More